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We develop innovative solutions for petfood manufacturers, intended to improve the palatability of food and the well-being of dogs and cats.With our profound knowledge of animal food preferences, we can offer a wide variety of flavour ...
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Our company culture is guided each day by our five values: performance, innovation, proximity, the strive for excellence and the respect for people, animals and the environment.

Everywhere in the world, SPF's efforts are guided by these five values.



Our greatest expertise is palatability performance. SPF is committed to understanding, measuring and producing appetence. ...

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Collaborative project: installation of an EPTTM pilot in Europe

Clextral, DIANA Pet Food, LIS (Lesaffre Ingrédients Services) and Triballat‐Noyal have worked for several months on setting up an EPTTM pilot in Europe.This partnership will soon lead to the creation of a Research & Development line based in Western France (Cérences ‐ Manche) in the premises of LIS. Download the press release  

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SPF is part of the DIANA Pet Food Business Unit.
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