Our company culture is guided each day by our five values: performance, innovation, proximity, the strive for excellence and the respect for people, animals and the environment.

Everywhere in the world, SPF's efforts are guided by these five values.



Our greatest expertise is palatability performance. SPF is committed to understanding, measuring and producing appetence. The high level of our product performance is a result of listening and understanding our customers' requirements, budget and application capabilities. For each situation,

SPF offers a customized palatability solution designed to improve the performance of our customers' products.


SPF's innovation stems from our strong multi-disciplined R&D teams and an advanced understanding of dogs and cat sensory mechanisms. Continuously seeking new technologies, our experienced R&D team investigates complex areas of olfaction and taste to create more innovative palatability solutions.


At SPF, proximity comes from our worldwide network of dedicated people and strategically located global manufacturing. Regionally positioned to best reach our raw material sources, partners and customers, SPF's supply chain is organized to ensure the reliability and security of our products for our customers. Everywhere in the world, when we deliver products and services, we deliver the best.


At SPF, we have a passion for animals and their well-being. We pay very special attention to their comfort, health and living conditions.

At the heart of the company, we also work to minimize the impact of industrial activity on the environment and on people. We actively recycle by-products to reduce discharges and conserve our water resources. Particular attention is paid to protecting our working conditions and the environment.

The Strive for Excellence

Continuous improvement and a strive for excellence is essential to maintaining our number one standing in the industry. All SPF employees are dedicated to operational excellence and customer support. All our products are tested to meet strict quality and safety standards. We require the same degree of rigor from our suppliers as we aim to produce excellent palatability solutions.

SPF is certified

All SPF subsidiaries meet or exceed required standards and specifications.

ISO 9001, version 2000
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 22000






SPF is part of the DIANA Pet Food Business Unit.
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