Dry range

D'TECH DRY is your best appetence solution for the challenges in the market and for meeting competitiveness and performance needs.


The raw materials, formulation and processes for our appetence factors are selected, based on animals' preferences. DTECH is formulated from compounds, especially chosen for their ability to please dogs.

At SPF we understand the constraints facing industrial companies and we consider our products to be part of our customers' overall appetence system.

Our technical department is able to optimise appetent performance interactions with the formulation of your nuggets, your fat and your coating equipment.

The increased competitiveness of your products through optimising the cost/performance ratio is a strong component in the development of our ranges. It is combined with a significant investment in pure research into appetence performance.

The DTECH DRY range offers a range of liquid and powder appetence factors, suitable for all situations.



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