Measuring palatability

Measuring appetence

Panélis is SPF's network of expert dog and cat panels.

In the interests of the comfort and well-being of our animals, Panélis animal handlers observe and measure our canine and feline experts' consumption. Coupled with thorough statistical analyses, these observations enable the performance of SPF solutions to be confirmed. For each Panélis centre dogs and cats are chosen to best represent local populations and so increase the reliability of our observations. Before joining our panels, our animals are specially trained and qualified according to specific methods.

Our teams of animal handlers, veterinarians, ethologists and statisticians work every day to understand our animals and provide reliable, differentiating and repeatable responses.

An appropriate test is proposed for each situation. Panélis supports its partners in the choice of protocols adapted to the products and reference requirements.

Panélis also offers its expertise to petfood manufacturers. A code system ensures the confidentiality and impartiality of tasting test results.






SPF is part of the DIANA Pet Food Business Unit.
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