Research center

SPF is number one for dog and cat food appetents.

SPF has built its position as no. 1 in appetents over more than twenty years, based on research which is both global and locally adaptable. The dynamism provided by local research centres and fed by our advanced research centre in France, enables us to design solutions for every context and every market situation.

The fifty researchers, biochemists, microbiologists, statisticians, aromaticians, veterinarians and ethologists in our research centres are organised in units of excellence, all recognised in their fields.

Devoted entirely to improving your existing appetence solutions and creating new generation solutions, our teams are supported by special tools such as the Aplicalis application pilot plant and the Panélis regional appetence measurement centres.

Our research centre is equipped with sensory analysis laboratories and applications.

In order to have perfect control over the industrial process and the application of our solutions, we have our own pilot manufacturing line. At the heart of our research centre, this actual application unit is acknowledged as an international reference. It allows us to experiment, validate and test all our palatability solutions for dry and moist foods and treats in a context that can be transposed to our partners' factories.

At SPF, we have an in-depth knowledge of aroma development processes.

In addition to adding customised appetence to dog and cat food formulas, the appetence factor must also convince the owner. With this in mind, all our products are validated by our panels of dog and cat experts and controlled by human sensory panels. We have made a point of excellence of this expertise. Our animal panels are today the global reference, both in terms of measurement capability and the development of adapted methodologies.



SPF is part of the DIANA Pet Food Business Unit.
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